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154 Main Street History

This classic Victorian house is located on the edge of Montpelier's nationally registered historic downtown, within walking distance of the State of Vermont's Capitol building.  We are currently researching the history of the building and are looking for contributions from anyone who would like to add to our knowledge. Here is what we have discovered so far:

We believe it was built in 1878 by James Langdon, a prominent Montpelier merchant and developer at the time.  From business directory records it appears that Isaac R. Moulton, a commercial traveler employed by Wheeler, Corant & Blodgett of Boston, was the first resident.  Although records indicate he was living in the house in 1880, city record indicate that he did not take ownership until 1886. Historical pictures of the house refer to it as the "Moulton House."

Isaac Moulton married Lucy Barrows and had two children, Harry Barrows Moulton and Nellie A. Moulton.  Harry Moulton graduated from Montpelier Union High School in 1894.  Nellie Moulton married C.E Lowe sometime before 1911.  In 1911, the house was decreed to Lucy Barrows Mather through probate from the Estate of Isaac Moulton.  In that same year, Lucy Barrows Mather and Charles Mather conveyed the house to Harry Moulton and Nellie Lowe.  The house was then sold to Ralph B. Denny in 1911.

Ralph Denny was employed by the Mutual Fire Insurance Company and was married to Edna C. Denny.  In 1945, Edna Denny sold the house to Alexander Smith and Edah Smith.  Alexander Smith was a World War II Colonel and is still referred to by longtime residents as "The Colonel".  In 1966, Edah Smith (then a widow) sold the house to a realty company.  Since then it has changed hands many times and the first floor commercial space has been used for a number of different ventures.  Most recently, 1987 to 2003, it was used as a beauty salon.



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